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As the Office/Accounts Manager at Xtreme Dance Studio, Lisa is most likely your first point of contact and your Xtreme Dance Company company liaison. Lisa is a native of the Central Florida area and has deep roots here. Her degree in Business Administration has carried her through such fields as the Florida Legislature, Martin Marietta, an engineering placement recruitment firm, a financial investment firm, and eventually landing in the dance world when her daughter began dancing at age 3. She has been managing and working in dance studios for nearly 15 years and also shares her invaluable experience as a former “dance mom.” When Lisa is not doing all things Xtreme, she is the Operations Manager of The Art of Movement Summer Intensive, owned by Sheri Metcalf, also owner of Xtreme Dance Studio. Lisa loves seeing all the the hard work and efforts of the dancers light up the stage. “It’s such a great feeling and so rewarding to see the collaborative efforts, dedication, commitment , and drive come together visually.” She is happy to help and assist you in your dance journey with us, contact her directly at

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