NRG's Nick Gonzalez Master Class at Xtreme Dance

Save the date and RSVP now! Nick Gonzalez the Co-Creator & Artistic Director of NRG danceProject, shares his passion for teaching at Xtreme Dance Studio on Tuesday, November 22.

6:30PM | Level 2-3

7:30 PM | Level 4-6

Cost: $25

Contact the studio to RSVP | 407-330-7002 |

Nick Gonzalez Bio | Instagram @nickgonzalez1

Courtesy of NRG Faculty Page

Internationally known for his remarkable work on and off camera Nick Gonzalez is a talented choreographer and artistic director. Nick has enjoyed working with Celebrities like Derek Hough, Joey Mclntyre, Jackson Guthy, BOA, Benny Marchant, Justin Stein and many more. You may have seen his recent project “Make Your Move 3D” bring the two worlds of Tap Dancing and Hip Hop Together for a action packed movie Starring Derek Hough and BOA in an amazing love story.

Nick is the Co-Creator & Artistic Director of NRG danceProject, sharing his passion for teaching and creating new dance opportunities for dancers around the world.

Teaching in South Korea, Japan, Canada , Virgin Islands, Germany and 47 of the 50 United States, Nick stays busy inspiring dancers. For more information about Nick Gonzalez please make sure to check out his social media accounts and stay up to date on all his new adventures.

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