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Ballet is the base for all structured dance disciplines.  Ballet demands grace and precision.  Ballet technique employs formalized steps and gestures creating intricate, flowing patterns used to create expression through movement.  Discipline, alignment, agility, posture, balance and grace are fundamentals taught from the beginner to advanced Ballet Levels.



Pointe is for the intermediate to advanced Ballet Dancer.  Pointe is the part of classical ballet technique in which the dancer supports their entire body weight on the tops of fully extended feet.  In this class, it is a gradual process to prepare a dancer for pointe work.  Extensive barre exercise is used to develop strength in a dancer’s legs, feet and ankles in preparation for Pointe.   Throughout the class, exercises will emphasize on various aspects of ballet technique, such as turn out, pointing of the toes, and the use of ballet technique while en pointe. 


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