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  • Registration: There is a non-refundable $45.00 registration fee due for returning families and $50.00 for new families. 2nd child $20.00, 3rd child $15.00.

  • Tuition: is due by the 1st of the month and is late by the 10th of the month. WE WILL NOT SEND A BILL.  Statements are only sent when your balance is past due. If you are absent on the due date, for your convenience you may mail in your tuition or call it in with a credit card. 

  • Tuition Rates: are based on the number of hours of dance classes per student &/or family.

  • 45 min/Hour $67.00, 1 Hour $70.00, 2 Hours $124.00, 3 Hours $164.00, 4 Hours$201.00, 5 Hours $235.00, 6 Hours $257.00, 7 Hours $280.00, 8 + Unlimited single student $305.00, Unlimited Family Rate $305.00, (Add $30.00 for each additional hour over 10 hours.)

  • Late fee: A $20.00 late fee will be assessed on the 10th.   If you are on auto bill and for any reason your card does not process and tuition is not paid by the 9th, the $15 late fee will be applied on the 10th.

  • Withdrawal:  A 30 days written notice must be given in writing/email.  No partial month refunds will be given for withdrawals made mid-month.  Tuition will cease on the 1st of the month following written/email notification.  No refunds of tuition/fees will be given for unused partial months. No exceptions.

  • Temporary Withdrawal: We will “freeze” your account and hold your child’s spot temporarily (up to 2 months).  Upon return there will be a reactivation fee of $25.00.  A written/e-mail notification is required and will apply to the 1st of the month following the notification.

  • Holidays, Vacation, Sick Days: Tuition costs are based on an annual rate and have been broken into equal monthly payments for your convenience. The same amount is due regardless of holidays, vacations or sick days, etc. (see attendance below) there are NO make up classes for scheduled holiday closings.


RECITAL (ANNUAL RECITAL) FEES (see Recital form for fees & payment plan options)

  • Accounts must be current with a zero balance to participate in our annual Recital.

  • If there is an unpaid balance in your account when Recital costumes are distributed you must bring your account balance current to receive your costumes.            



For your convenience you may purchase your dance attire at the studio. Shoes and dance attire appropriate to class is required. It is important for the safety and tradition of dance that the dancer dresses appropriately. If a student repeatedly comes to class without the proper dance attire, you will receive notice. 

  • Tap: (level Ages 8+) Black hard sole lace up tap shoes. (Level Adv/Beg - Adv) Black full sole, wood tap shoes, may have a built-up tap shoe. 

  • Ballet: (level Ages 8+ through Adv) Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes. Pink tights and black leotard, ballet skirts optional. 

  • Jazz: (levels 8+) Form fitting dance attire. Black split soled jazz shoes required. (Adv/Beg-Advanced) Barefoot for warm up, and socks optional and with approval from your teacher. 

  • Musical Theatre (Jazz): Comfortable dance attire and black split soled jazz shoes.  

  • Contemporary: Comfortable dance attire. Bare feet or Socks

  • Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing. Sneakers only, dancers may not be barefoot or in jazz shoes.

  • Acro: Form fitting dance attire. Barefoot.

  •  Mini Movers: Leotard and tights in any color, skirts optional. Black Patent Leather Buckle Tap shoes and Pink Leather Ballet shoes. No princess slippers allowed.

  • BTJ, BTAJ: Any color leotard, Black Patent Leather tap shoes and pink leather ballet shoes. Jazz shoes are not required. 

  • Mommy and Me: Any color leotard, pink tights. Pink Leather Ballet shoes. No princess slippers allowed.

Below applies to ALL classes:

  • Tights are required under leotards for sanitary purposes.

  • Wear hair pulled back and secured off the face.  Hair in a neat and secure bun for Ballet class.

  • Please wear cover-ups to and from the studio-especially older students to maintain modesty. 

  • Inappropriate dance attire will be addressed.

  • No gum chewing or eating in class. No open liquid containers in class. Only water bottles or thermoses allowed.                                                                                                                                  


  • Students are evaluated on a personal basis; an entire class does not advance as a unit.

  • Student placement is made at the discretion of the school’s director, and or student’s teacher and not of the student or parent. It is important in be placed in the appropriate classes to ensure proper progression.                                                                                                    


  • It is important for students to attend class regularly and arrive on time. For the safety of our dancers the beginning warm-up is the most important, as it prevents injuries and pulled muscles. If you are going to be absent, please inform the front desk.

  • All classes missed may be made up in a similar class and level within one month of the missed class. No refunds will be offered if you are unable to make up for a missed class.  Make-up classes are optional and not required.                                                                                                 



Photos, videos, film or audio recordings taken during XTREME studio events, become the property of XTREME Dance Studio and reserves the right to use those items for marketing and publicity purposes.

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