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Beginning at age 18 months – 2.5, Mommy & Me is a developmental class focusing on Parent/Guardian and child participation. The Parent/Guardian plays an integral part in class by providing comfort and modeling participation. Along with the instructor, adult and child will follow along with the instruction of the class. This class offers an introduction of valuable skills such as listening, taking turns, standing in line, following directions and sequential order. This class offers an environment for children to developmentally grow, both individually and socially in a dance class setting. Additionally, activities will explore gross motor skill development and rhythm activities. This class is a pre-introduction to dance and is a great class to help transition your children into a dance class on their own.



These classes offer the first step towards your child learning dance instruction on their own, amongst their peers. This is a beginner class that will explore the basic skills in Ballet, Tap and Tumbling, with age appropriate music. Combining fun with structure, dancers will participate in fundamental motor skill activities to begin the development of balance, posture, muscle strength, coordination, rhythm, differentiation of left and right and spatial reasoning.


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