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Peter Sabasino, a native of Philadelphia, PA, began his dance training
at the age of four at a local dance studio. It was there, that he started out learning Ballet, 
Jazz, Hip-Hop and Tap but found that Tap and Hip-Hop were his home. At the age of fourteen, he was 
accepted into the High-school for Creative And Performing Arts as a dance major. It was there he 
expanded his repertoire by adding Modern, African, Ballroom, and Broadway to his belt. It was here 
in high-school that he discovered his third love….Broadway Jazz. At the start of his senior year, 
Peter graduated his dance school and began traveling back and forth between Philadelphia and New 
York to study at Broadway Dance Center, and Steps On Broadway where he had the opportunity to train 
under such greats as Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Barbara Duffy, Tyce Diorio, Rhapsody James, and 
Brian Green, to name a few.

After graduating high-school, Peter continued his training at Indiana University of Pa where he 
studied with Joan Van Dyke, the head of the Ballet program at the Governor’s School of the Arts. 
After college Peter was blessed with what he considers his BIGGEST achievement and landed a spot as 
a Top 16 Finalist on Fox Television’s hit reality show, “So You Think You Can Dance” season 6 being 
the last of three Tap dancers to be eliminated. It was there that Peter believes his views and 
philosophies of dance were molded by the many amazing choreographers and dancers he was blessed to 
work with. Peter also recently landed a spot as a principal dancer in a commercial for Walt Disney 
World. More recently, Peter choreographed an episode of the television show “The Right Stuff” on 
the National Geographic channel, which is being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Peter is currently 
the host/emcee and sometimes judges for Shake The Ground dance competition as well as the 
Founder/Director of the newly formed Orlando Tap Company which is based out of Orlando, Fl.  Peter 
travels the world with various competitions and conventions, teaching, choreographing and 
performing but finds his TRUE LOVE is in teaching inspiring, and instilling the knowledge he has 
gained throughout his career with the up and coming dancers of tomorrow.










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